Macrame Patterns  

Once you have mastered the basin Macrame knots you can begin to start making Macrame items.

It is probably best to begin by using a Macrame pattern as this will make it easier for you to make a successful Macrame item rather than having to make up a design yourself, which in the beginning is too hard.

You will be able to find Macrame patterns on the internet and I have included a link below where you might wish to start.  The quality of these Macrame patterns is highly variable, however, and they are not always the best.

One Stop Macrame Shop

You will find a fantastic selection of tested and beautiful Macrame patterns in the One Stop Macrame Shop by Samantha Jenkins.

The book also contains information on Macrame supplies, Macrame instructions and Macrame projects like making a Macrame plant hanger, Macrame jewelry, Macrame friend bracelets, Macrame belts and a Macrame bottle container.